The app for daily car-pooling and car-sharing

Build your community around your car and share it with the right people.

Real-time planning

Carbip learns from your driving habits and automatically predicts your future trips

Your community

Add your friends and connect with people who share the same habits

Split the costs

By sharing you car, you also share the costs.

Your car's planning, planning-free

By learning from your driving habits and your frequent routes, the app helps you build a schedule for your car – when you will be using it, where you will be driving, and when it will be available. Your friends can then ask to borrow it, or can request a ride if you’re going near where they want to go.

Your car becomes a social hub

Meet new people! Build your community with your friends and people around you. Carbip will automatically suggest friends that match your habits.

Your personnal dashboard

Carbip analyzes your trips and helps you optimize your frequent ones. Find the best route to work or the best time to leave in order to avoid traffic.

I can lend my car to my friends when they need one and I'm not using it.

Christophe, Paris

Carbip is extremly handy when I need to know where my family is in real time. I don't worry anymore if my husband is on time to get the kids from school :)

Lucie, Rennes

It's useful and simple to use. My friends know what trips I can share with them without having to call me

Pauline, Cergy

Very well made app. The simple fact that I can have a history of my daily trips is very helpful. All without any effort on my part.

Nicolas, Nice

I don't have any car. Carbip helps me borrow my collegue's car easily. We found out that we actually had very compatible daily schedules.

Cédric, Joinville

It's really nice to understand how I use my car and to be able to share it easily with my friends.

Julien, Nantes

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